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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Jul 6, 2021

Ryan Patterson is a fully formed artist if there ever was one.  His music contributions in everything from Fotocrime, to Coliseum, to Black Cross are nothing short of inspirational.  His art for bands and beyond is seen at every concert you would ever go to...  And his love of film, particularly practical-effects driven horror, is without question a huge influence on his work.

For all things Ryan, please check out all of his instagram handles: @fotocrime @catmagicpunks @shirtkiller and be sure to snag some incredible merch for your favorite bands over at

In this episode talk about all things body horror, puppetry, Star Wars, Cronenberg, Sam Raimi, matte paintings, forced perspective, and tons of gore in this mixtape of all things practical effects.  

If you are a casual fan or a film obsessive, you will love to hear three dudes (whose only qualifications are playing bass) chat about all things film in this very special episode of Film Basics with Bassists That Love Film.

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We talk about the Academy's new standard for film scores, Black Panther 2, The Ice Road, and much more.

Beyond this episode, you will have access to extended interviews with interview guests, merch discount codes, and much more.

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