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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Jun 29, 2020

Very few mortals have accomplished as much as J. Robbins.  Dude is legendary on stage, behind the board, over beers, and beyond.  

Thrilled to have J. on to talk about everything from Jawbox reuniting, the magic of films scores, gear, and how his producer's ear has evolved over the years.  Lots of fun stuff in here...

Jun 22, 2020

We all know that tone comes from the heart, but it takes an amp to get the blood pumping and the tone thumping...  That is where Alex Auxier steps in.

As Artist Relations for Orange Amps, Alex is the dude who makes sure the backline is the best it can be, where it can be, and that Orange Artists are always able to hone...

Jun 12, 2020

John Konesky brings the Kone Zone into the Tone Zone with this absolute scorcher of an episode. 

We talk about everything from his work as part of the power-duo known as Wynchester, the attention he has received for his incredible TV theme song arrangements, and life as part of the  rock and roll force that is Tenacious...

Jun 5, 2020

Caspian is not your typical Post-Rock band, but they always seem to be the first one that comes to mind when I hear the term.  They recently released a monument of an album called "On Circles" which is available wherever you may listen to music.

I was joined by longtime homies Philip and Jani to talk about their new...