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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Jul 1, 2022

Bill Howerdel already has an immense and celebrated resume for his work in A Perfect Circle and Ashes Divide, yet he still manages to push creative boundaries beyond the scope of most guitarists, and he is doing it across the sonic spectrum with his debut solo album "What Normal Was".

Ross and Bill discuss the...

Jun 21, 2022


After a run of binge-worthy appearances, he has decided to join Ross and Ian to talk about Binge-Worthy TV.  From The Wire, to Arrested Development, to The Simpsons, and beyond.

If you are a film and TV obsessive like us or just a casual fan, you will love this group chat brought to life!  

Jun 15, 2022

Cave In is without question one of the most influential bands of their time.  You can hear the excitement in Ross and Ian's voices as they interview 6-String Slinger Adam McGrath about all things Cave In.  

They take a look at the band's storied career from the early hardcore days, to the genre defying Jupiter, and how...

Jun 3, 2022


The legend!

The Champ!

The most appearances of anyone on this show!  

Of course you know Brent from the work that actually means something!  He is president of Dark Operative records, president of Pax Aeternum digital, licensing mastermind for This Will Destroy You, board member (and...

May 28, 2022

Ian and Ross talk to the sonic sensei of all things shred: Casey Aylward.

Casey has ripped through more notes than a Tommy Wiseau script and the result is some of the heaviest, prettiest, and most mind blowing music out there today.

His band Astronoid is dropping a monster album this coming week called "Radiant Bloom:...