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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Nov 23, 2020

Is a musical mad-scientist.  Whether it's with devastatingly heavy riffs in the seminal hardcore band Botch or the mind-blowing loops and tap dancing of Minus the Bear, David Knudson is a Fret-Force to reckon with.

We talk gear, riffs, what influenced him, what made him such an influential player, and his upcoming solo project which sounds awesome!

FWIW, I love talking about bandcamp and supporting artists through that wonderful platform...  AND right now, you can check out Botch's entire catalogue at hear David's fury in its full glory on the only platform that seems to be truly helping artists stream their music these days.

If you want to hear more, be sure to check out the Rigs of Dad Patreon page at OR just download the patreon ap, search for Rigs of Dad, and you can support creators like me and so many more in the process!  There is an extended version of this conversation and many more over there!

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