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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Nov 9, 2020

Norman has worn every hat in the industry, yet manages to maintain one of the most fantastic heads of hair.  He's known for his work in Texas is the Reason, New End Original, 108, Shelter, and the writing and publishing of Anti-Matter magazine in the 90's.  

We talk about his upbringing in the New York hardcore scene, songwriting, staying present during these crazy times, and much much more.

You can keep up with Norman on twitter and instagram via his @normanbrannon  

If you want to hear the unedited and extended conversation, head over to where we talk about the unspoken rules of being in a band, run-ins with skinheads, and how you earn the label "post-harcore"

Big thank you to the homies at as well as for making this episode possible!

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