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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Aug 10, 2020

Pete Moffett is one of the hardest working and most legendary drummers on stage, sidestage, backstage, and off stage.

It was great talking to him about his days in hardcore bands, seeing riots while on tour with Rage Against the Machine and House of Pain, playing drums for the unfathomably amazing Burning Airlines, teching for some of the largest names in music, Nic Cage, horror movies, and much more.

Great conversation with a truly funny and awesome dude.

Pete is currently playing with Foxhall Stacks (a supergroup of DC punk legends), who just put out an EP called "The Half Stack" ep.

To hear the extended version of this conversation, head on over to or just download the Patreon ap and search for Rigs of Dad.  Tons of fun stuff over there.

Big thank you to the folks over at and for helping me keep the mics hot.  Be sure to check them out for your first ventures back out into the world, and ensuring that you look good while doing so!

Huge thank you as well to the incredible folks in the band LAPECHE...  one of my favorite bands to listen to, and one of my favorite bands to grant Pudgemont Citizenship to!!