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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Feb 15, 2022

Kurt Ballou is a name with a resume as heavy as his tones.  When he is not ripping riffs for Converge, or working the board at God City Studio, he is building pedals and guitars for God City Instruments.  The dude does it all and does it incredibly well.  Thrilled to talk to him about all things Converge, the process behind Blood Moon, recording techniques, guitar builds, effects, and some new technology that he has birthed into the music world.  Gear dorks, wear a hard hat while listening to this one...  Dude is dropping some heavy knowledge.

You can keep up with all things Kurt and God City at his Instagram page @godcitymusic.

Check out some of his incredible guitars and pedals at God City Instruments

Book some studio and mixing time at God City Studio

Listen to Converge wherever you listen to music, but be sure to buy direct HERE!

And if you are a parent, I HIGHLY reccommend this kids book that Kurt helped put together with Abominable Effects called "The Coolest Noise"

Ian's got some additional tunes that you can also use for your podcast here!  Name your price! And be sure to pre-order the new Interesting Times Gang ep that is dropping soon!!!

Head over to Age of Ruin's Instagram and dive into some of the best thrash I have ever heard.  Their new album is coming soon.  It's produced by Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour and is just a relentless and refreshing metal cleanse.

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Huge loves to the incredible Sacha Dunable.  Check out if you need some real tone in your life.  

I also want to give a shoutout to Quantum Industries.  These dudes are putting out true tanks of guitar cases.  Check them out at BE SURE to enter ROD10 for a discount on your order!!!

Much love to the fine folks at Custom District Pedalboards for allowing me to pack the heaviest tones on the lightest boards.  Get yours over at