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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Mar 2, 2022

The Academy has sadly decided to several categories from the Oscar Broadcast, and it's just a bummer.  We've covered the magic of film scores in depth with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, etc) in a previous episode, and no we are celebrating the art of editing  with a selection of films that we find to be great examples of art in editing.

All of your favorite films, songs, shows, and stories are the result of sold editing.  Sometimes the editing of a film is just as important as the script and the direction.  We talk about how it's used to enhance scope in storytelling, how it's used to amplify the scares in horror, and how it is one of the best comedic devices in comedy.   We discuss the works of Kubrick, Fincher, Nolan, Adam McKay, and more.  

If you want to hear the UNEDITED version of this chat, you can hear that and so much more over at the Rigs of Dad Patreon.  This also includes extended interviews with my guests like Kurt Ballou (Converge), Greg Edwards (Failure, Autolux), and much more.  Plus you will hear us talk about some movie news of the week and review films like the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Kimi, and more.

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