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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Jan 20, 2023

Episode 50(!!!!) of "Film Basics with Bassists that Love Film" is a milestone worth celebrating with one of the baddest names in the biz.  We are of course referring to THE Chris Slorach of THE band METZ.  Not only does this dude have an insanely insightful approach to his bass tone and gear, but he also has an encyclopedic knowledge of horror films, so we are thrilled to draft some of our faves with him.

The Shining, The Thing, and all the obvious ones make an appearance, but there are some surprises that pop up like a committed Paul Rudd.  Strap in and enjoy this massive celebration of Hiwatt, horror, a couple generations of Cronenberg, and beyond.

If you want to hear the full version of this episode where Chris takes on the Lightning Crashes Lightning Round and so much more, you can get access to that and so many more bonus episodes and extended interviews at the Rigs of Dad Patreon Page where you can also hear more unedited, ad-free interviews with previous guests, patreon exclusives, and beyond! PLUS early access to EVERY episode, including my recent conversation with the INCREDIBLE Jeff Everett of Rockets are Red.

Check out all things METZ over at their bandcamp page. Or wherever you listen to music.

Ian has some new tunes with his project  The Interesting Times Gang that you should check out and support via bandcamp. and his band Strangelight will be hitting the road next month with some West Coast dates with Soulcracker and The Josh Dodes Band.

Ross's band Burial Waves is heading into the studio next month, but that shouldn't stop you from scoping their debut ep!

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