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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Jun 21, 2022


After a run of binge-worthy appearances, he has decided to join Ross and Ian to talk about Binge-Worthy TV.  From The Wire, to Arrested Development, to The Simpsons, and beyond.

If you are a film and TV obsessive like us or just a casual fan, you will love this group chat brought to life!  

FOR MORE:  We did a deep dive of reviews for films like "Navalny", "Top Gun: Maverick", "Emergency", and so much more...  All of that including some recent movie news, like the Joker 2 announcements, is available in the extended version of this conversation is available at, OR just download the Patreon ap, search for Rigs of Dad, and you can support creators like me and so many more in the process!  

Ian dropped some new tunes over at The Interesting Times Gang's Bandcamp that you should click.

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Head over to Age of Ruin's Instagram and dive into some of the best thrash I have ever heard.  Their new album is coming soon.  It's produced by Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour and is just a relentless and refreshing metal cleanse. And be sure to check out their new live video from [hate5six] here.

Huge loves to NEW FATHER Sacha Dunable from Dunable Guitars.  The guys is building the absolute BEST axes in the game and I am a firm believer that EVERYONE needs to own one.  Check out if you need some real tone in your life.

Much love to the fine folks at Custom District Pedalboards for allowing me to pack the heaviest tones on the lightest boards.  Get yours over at

Do you have a ton of guitars?  Does the show not go on unless you have at least three guitars with you?  Then you need to check out Quantum Industries.  These dudes are putting out true tanks of guitar cases.  Check out BE SURE to enter ROD10 for a discount on your order!!!