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Rigs of Dad Prodcast

Nov 16, 2021

Kevin Hilliard: a man that is best described by Ian as "Kevin seems super smart... like too smart to be slumming it with us".  But that might be what makes him the perfect fit for this episode: as study of actors and actresses that completely steal a movie with very little screen time.  

We take a look at some John Hughes classics, some iconic Coen Brothers moments, and hopefully some films you are not as familiar with!

You can hear Kevin crushing the low end frequency spectrum on the new Burial Waves release "Holy Ground" which is available wherever you listen to music.  Soak it up at their bandcamp page  via Dark Operative.

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If you want to hear more of THIS conversation, the extended version is available to patrons on all tiers at the Rigs of Dad Patreon page.  We discuss the Fatal Attraction reboot, the MCU, Jim Cummings' "The Beta Test", "Old Henry", and more.  You can even take some deep dives with more of my guests, get some Patreon exclusive swag, and more by checking out the Rigs of Dad Patreon page OR just download the Patreon ap, search for Rigs of Dad, and you can support creators like me and so many more in the process!  

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